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There's an old saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words". What happens if a thousand words are not enough to truly deliver your message to your client?

In those moments where a mere photo or series of photos cannot fully convey your ideas, doesn't fit the moment or you simply want something that provides a lasting impression video could be the answer.

Please find below a series of solution provided through the use of video. Simply click the thumbnail to watch the selection.

Client: Milwaukee Electric Tool
Project: 3D Product Animation, Audio editing, Rotoscoping
Usage: Media Presentation

Project: Spec Project

Client: Legal Parachute
Project: 2D Logo Animation and Compositing
Usage: Television Commercial

Client: Legal Parachute
Project: Motion Tracking, 2D Animation and Composite
Usage: Television Commercial

Client: Manpower International
Project: 3D Animation and Rotoscoping
Usage: Television Commercial

Client: Jensen Audio Project: 3D Animated Speaker Usage: Product Commercial

Client: Miller Brewing
Project: Miller Beer Can Label Change Visualization using 3D Animation

Client: Wisconsin Lottery Project: Parrot Head Animated and Composited
Usage: Television Commercial

Client: Walgreens Penny Promotion
Project: 3D animated
Usage: Television Commercial

Client: Wisconsin Dells Project: 3D Track, 3D Animation and Compositing of a Magazine Cover Replacement
Usage: Television Commercial

Client: Bingo
Project: 3D Animated Character With Lip Sync For Casino
Usage: Television Commercial