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Consulting & Maintenance

Sometimes in life a helping hand makes all the difference. In the world of business the same holds true. Whether you need someone as supplemental staffing for a development team that’s over whelmed or as interim staffing until you locate the perfect candidate for an open position, Synapse Designs® is ready and willing to assist in what ever capacity we can.

On past assignments, Synapse Designs® has worked as an integral part of a project for our clients. In some cases when requested, these symbiotic tasks are performed in a completely transparent capacity. Our goal is to become integrated as a part of your team, not sell our services to your clients. Sometimes in life as well as in business, some of the greatest assistance is provided anonymously.


You’ve finally had your new web site developed, but you have no one in house with the necessary experience to keep it updated; that’s where Synapse Designs can help. Whether we developed the site for you, your current developer doesn’t do maintenance, or you’re looking to part with your current developer, Synapse Designs will endeavor to assist you in what ever capacity you need. In the past we have provided this service for many of our clients for all of the reasons mentioned above and more. Even if you have the experience in house, maybe you don’t have the time or the budget for a full time employee to do updates on your web site. What ever the reason, if you need us, we’re here to help.