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When a client chooses to work with you over several other vendors it’s a matter of trust. They have to believe in you and trust that you will deliver what you promise. In order to uphold that trust Synapse Designs® has worked to gain the necessary skills and relationships to deliver what we promise. There are three words that sum up Synapse Designs’® work ethic and help us to foster that trust with our clients: satisfaction, dedication and pride.


Providing satisfaction basically means that you give the customer what they request in a pleasant manner and not forcing your ideas upon them. Working with the client, and respecting their ideas and comments is the best way to gain satisfaction.


Everyone likes to feel special, from individuals in our personal lives to the largest of corporations. Providing this sense of being special shows the customer that you are dedicated to them. In a nut shell, dedication means consistency in communication, and not pushing a client aside because a bigger project has come along, and simply being there when needed.


This once was a popular word in the service industry but for most it seems that era has passed Without pride in yourself and your product, there is no way to achieve customer satisfaction or a sense of dedication. Pride holds it all together.

When a client chooses to work with you over several other vendors it’s a matter of trust. When you uphold that trust, it’s a matter of pride.



I absolutely LOVE our site!!!!!  You are indeed a genius and an artist.

I felt bad about not being able describe to you what I was looking for, but that’s because I didn’t know it until I saw it. This is it? This is perfect. It seems to fit with The USM site, yet it’s quite different. It has a very techie feel yet it’s inviting. I really like “Today’s Tech Tip”.

Thank you so much. (Although it’s a little spooky working with someone who knows more about what I’m thinking than I do!)

Kudos and Thanks,

Technology Director.